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There’s nothing quite like being able to relax in the warmth of your own home, and that is why it’s so important to have your central heating boiler serviced regularly.

Apart from keeping your heating working all through the cold winter months, there are plenty more reasons that make boiler maintenance worthwhile, including saving you money. Well-maintained boilers are less likely to break down and use less fuel, which will save you money in the long-term.

For the best results make sure you hire a CORGI registered plumber to service your gas boiler or at the very least check the plumber is trained specifically in dealing with the make and model of your boiler.

You should have your boiler checked every 12 months but sometimes things do go wrong with even the most well maintained boilers, and if this happens, you will need to find a plumber that deals with emergency callouts. Many plumbers offer a 24-hour emergency service, and to find one in your area take a look at our listings page.

If your boiler should need replacing then you will have to consider the legislation that came into effect on 1st April 2005. This law has effectively outlawed Standard Efficiency boilers, which means all new boilers fitted in the UK must be High Efficiency, or condensing, boilers.

The government predicts that the amendments to the Building Regulations legislation will reduce energy consumption by 25 per cent, which will aid the country’s plan to tackle long-term climate change.

But why are condensing boilers so much more efficient? Well, these types of boilers have a second heat exchanger, or an extra large one, that scavenges the heat lost from the initial process of burning gas.

However, whatever your type of boiler, there are a number of basic steps you can take to keep it well maintained and thus reduce your energy bills. These include, understanding your boiler by reading the manufacturers manual, maintaining service records, organising regular check-ups for your boiler, and keeping the equipment clean.

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