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Central Heating

More than 20 million households in the UK have a central heating system installed in their home to give them warmth and hot water whenever they need it. There are many different types of central heating, from conventional boilers with hot water tanks to energy efficient condensing-combi boilers that heat the hot water direct from the mains.

However, new legislation means that your choice of central heating system is now somewhat limited, as any new systems installed must meet the Building Regulations Act levels for energy efficiency.

In a nutshell this means you must have a condensing or condensing-combi boiler fitted, which the government believes will eventually reduce energy consumption by 25 per cent. Although this will make the initial cost of a new central heating system more expensive, in the long run it will reduce your fuel bills and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide escaping into the air.

Whether you need your central heating fixing, servicing, or a completely new system installed, you can find local qualified plumbers in our listings section. However, there are a few questions you should ask a plumber before recruiting them to do the job. Firstly, check whether they are CORGI or OFTEC registered, and if they are you can contact either of these organisations to find out if the plumber is qualified in installing and servicing your central heating system. If you are having a new central heating system installed it is also worth checking if the plumber holds a Certificate in Energy Efficiency for Domestic Heating, as this will determine whether they are fully aware of the new legislation.

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