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Drain Unblocking

Unblocking drains, sinks and toilets is one of the main emergency callouts for plumbers, and as these blockages can occur at any time of the day or night, many plumbers have a 24-hour service for this type of job.

For simple sink or toilet blockages the homeowner may be able to correct the problem using a plunger. However, it is always worth calling out a professional to do the job, especially if the blockage is severe.

As well as the obvious specialist training in the field of unblocking drains, there are other reasons why it’s worth using our listings section to find a plumber that can deal with your blocked drains, pipes, sink or toilet.

Firstly, plumbers will have all the equipment needed to unblock a drain, such as a set of drain rods, which are the only effective equipment to unblock main drains under a manhole.

Secondly, a plumber will know the correct techniques to use when unblocking certain drains, and will also have equipment to remove cast iron manholes, which are very heavy. This means a plumber can do the job more safely than the homeowner.

Finally, a plumber will be able to assess exactly what caused the blockage and offer preventative advice for the future, as well as talking to the local authority or water company on your behalf if the problem was caused by a major fault in the system.

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