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Gas Safety Checks

Gas safety checks are annual inspections that are required by law on gas appliances and installations in offices and other places of work, and also all rented accommodation.

Landlords and bosses are responsible for the safety of their tenants and employees, and therefore under the Gas Safety Regulations Act 1998, they have a duty to ensure gas appliances, fittings and flues are safe.

The gas safety checks don’t just assess whether appliances, such as gas cookers and gas central heating, and fittings, such as pipework, are in full working order. The tests also check for signs of carbon monoxide leaks, which if left unattended could cause tenants and workers serious health problems, or even death.

All gas safety checks should be carried out by a CORGI registered plumber, and it is important you ask to see the plumber’s CORGI registration certificate before allowing them to check your gas appliances and fittings. If an unregistered plumber does the gas safety checks, the Gas Safety Record will not be valid.

Landlords should keep the Gas Safety Record for two years and should make a copy available to current and new tenants, while the safety checks should be undertaken every 12 months.

Although it is not legislation to have all gas appliances in your own home checked annually, it is certainly worth considering as this will help to prevent problems and dangers for you and your family. Never try to check or fix gas appliances yourself, always make sure a CORGI registered plumber does the job – it is not worth compromising your own or anyone else’s safety.

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